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Population Decline

Estimated decline from 1.2 Million in 1800's to about 15,000 in 2015. Causes, hunting by man, destruction of habitat and being poisoned.....

Estimated decline from 250,000 in 1900's to about 18,000 in 2015. Causes, hunting by man, destruction of habitat, being poisoned.....

This is a combination of the data of chart 2 & chart 3.

The actions of humankind in the past hugely contributed towards the population decline of Lions.

Human population has grown by about 700% in last 215 years.

Human population growth versus the decline of lion population...- Human population increased by 632% - Lion Population Decline by 97%-99% (1800 - 2015)

Human population has doubled (from 3 Billion-7+ Billion) in the last 55 Years (1960-2015) and at the same time the lion population (138,000 in 1960) also decrease by 82% to about 18,000 in the year 2015.

Extra info:

South Africa -Lion/Rhino, it seems lions are in real trouble estimated...(21,000 Rhino/7000 Lion) Do the maths.

7 BILLION people on the planet. Yeah, you read correctly, and latest estimates of May 2015, is about 7,317,000,000.

If you are wondering about the background to each graph, the answer is very simple, as most of those figures are only so called scientific guestimates, it seems no one really knows the real figures.

THE QUESTION STILL REMAINS, HOW MANY LIONS ARE REALLY LEFT, WILL THERE EVER BE ANY CLEAR ANSWERS. What is true and what is fiction, as so many guestimation still remain.... when will lions be really counted!!!!

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